“play it forward” -

Help to shape the new home for international youth exchange with gaming!

We invite you to "play it forward" – a digital step into the future of international youth exchange. Join a team of young pioneers on this virtual adventure from different countries, all united by a shared interest in gaming and intercultural dialogue.

During the last years, in which we tried to digitally recreate previous exchange experiences, we are now exploring together what other opportunities digital exchange could offer.

From March 02 to March 10 2024 we're creating and setting up a digital shared living space – a virtual 'Wohngemeinschaft' – in Gather Town dedicated to international exchange in the future. We try out new things, play and organise ourselves, and have fun together.

Ready to play it forward?!

What to expect?
In this digital youth exchange you'll link up with other participants interested in collaboration in the digital space from german- and russian-speaking areas, work, live and play together as a virtual community.

We have not developed our own game. Instead, we will use existing games, communication channels and platforms. Games like Minetest and Overcooked 2 will be our playgrounds for learning something new and collaboration. These aren't just games; they're means to practice working together, problem-solving, and navigating challenges as a team. It's a chance to mix strategy with fun while building bridges across cultures.

This is our first attempt at organising international youth exchanges with gaming and not everything will be perfect. This project will be carefully documented and evaluated and you will help us to gain important experience for future exchanges.

So, if you're ready to break the routine, make international friends, and add a whole new dimension to your (gaming) adventures, this is where you hit 'start'.

Let's ‘play it forward’ – together!

A safer space:
The project provides a digital safer space for people from german- and russian-speaking areas. We welcome application from all people who decide to participate in a respectful and playful manner.

Time Frame for “Play it forward”: March 02 to March 10, 2024

We will meet during the weekends (March, 02, 03, 09 and 10) and from Monday, March 04 to Friday, March 08 for evening sessions.

The mandatory preparation meeting will be Wednesday evening, February 28, 2024.

You can participate if you ...
... are between 18 and 26 years old,
... feel comfortable in English since it will be our project language,
... enjoy collaboration and overcoming challenges in groups,
... are open to experiment with digital tools and games,

... have the required hardware setup/device (see under technical requirements),
… you don‘t need to have hardcore gaming skills and

... are ready to take part in the whole project.

Technical requirements:

·         Headset
·         Webcam
·         Internet Connection: 5 MBit (=600 KB)
·         Storage Space: 10 GB

Note for the technical requirements of the device: We want to ensure a good youth exchange experience for all participants. The requirements are our recommendation to you. If you have any questions regarding the technical requirements of the device please contact us!

Windows 10 computer with Dualcore 2.3GHz, 4 GB RAM or Mac with i5 2.7GHz or M1, 4 GB RAM, (GeForce/Radeon)

You do not know how to check for the technical requirements? See an instruction on the right under "Downloads".

Please apply by February 25, 2024 using the application form.

For further questions and information please get in contact with us:
playitforward@stiftung-drja.de (Claus)